On November 23, 2008, the US Postal Service is changing their Move Update standards to expand them from First-Class Mail automation- and presort-price mailings to include all Standard Mail mailings.

The minimum frequency of Move Update processing also changes from 185 days to 95 days prior to mailing.

To meet the new requirements, mailers must use addresses that were updated within the previous 95 days. Mailings entered on November 23rd, for example, must have addresses updated no earlier than August 20. If an address used on a mail piece in a mailing at one class of mail is updated, the same address may be used during the following 95 days in another mailing, even if it is another class of mail. To achieve this, each mailer will need to process their records through either the NCOA or Fast-Forward service. If we are not processing those records, then you will need to provide certification that the processing was completed.

For more information, you can visit ribbs.usps.gov & click on “Move Update.”

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